Partner meeting in Malta


The Malta meeting was held on 10-11 September 2015 at the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences within the University of Malta to discuss the current status of the project.

Malta does not have a specific incubation experience for games.  The University’s TAKEOFF incubation project focuses on IT and Engineering, including games (   Meeting participants visited TAKEOFF to discuss its operational best practices.

The first afternoon together was taken up on two basic issues.  The first was drawing up a synthesis of incubation experiences among the participants: Could we come up with a best model of incubation that appeared to work for games?  This served as a spring board to the second issue: planning the next seminar at the Dutch Garden in the Netherlands.

Building on the seminar held in May 2015, a list of desiderata seminar contents was compiled among the members.  Members suggested that some items discussed in the May seminar required further elaboration.  Other new items were requested.  Members agreed on the need for more practical sessions.  The request were noted and it was decided that the next seminar would include practical sessions on pitching across the different phases of game projects.

Members  entertained a long deliberation about the format and content of the project deliverables.  Examples and prototypes of the handbook, simulations and database were demonstrated and discussed for feedback.  Agreement was reached about the content and presentation of the deliverables.


Professor of Communications at the Dept. of Media and Communications within the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences (MaKS) at the University of Malta. Special interests: Communication Technologies, Programme/Product Evaluation, Research methodology

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