Applying GAMEBIZ @ ENTI-UB’s vocational training programme

ENTI-UB started its vocational training programme in 2014, simultaneously (by coincidence) with the kick-off of the GAMEBIZ project. The programme is focused on 3D, Games and Interactive Environments, has the unique specialization in serious games and theme entertainment.

From the very beginning, we noticed the great opportunity of applying the GAMEBIZ knowledge in the programme, so we adapted the curriculum and started the magic…

As our main motto is “Learning by doing”, we created virtual companies inside the classroom, and the students learned entrepreneurship basis, among the rest of the theoretical contents. They were assigned a project, that could came from their teachers, from a real client request or from themselves and started working on it from the scratch, creating all the aesthetics contents and using the most suitable technology for it, while working all the marketing needs of the companies, from the business cards, to the social media profiles.

They learned also other soft skills, as communication, project management,  pitching, so they were not only capable to develop any project but also talk about and sell it before any audience.

Their results, the final projects, were shown in a demo day, with people from the industry and press among the audience.

It was a complete success. Now we are applying it on our other degrees, and working on an evolution of the whole concept, called ENTI-PRO, and working to improve the appliance of new GAMEBIZ knowledge and methodologies while writing down our best practices as a model of a new concept of education.

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Academic Coordinator at ENTI-UB
I am the academic coordinator of the vocational training and I am a lecturer in the videogames degree @ENTI_BCN. In both, I am the lecturer of the PROJECTS subject, where my students create virtual companies and develop videogames, serious games and theme entertainment projects from scratch to the delivery, sometimes under a real client request.

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