Pitching in front of experts


Many game developers will be visiting the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco in a few weeks. As part of preparing Dutch game companies to get the most out of their visit, Dutch Game Garden (DGG), together with the Stimuleringsfonds (Creative Industries Fund), organised a pitch training. A first session was organised on the 9th of February. From this session DGG made a long list of practical tips to make the most out of your first GDC.

The companies who will present their game at the local multiplayer event were invited to pitch their game in a second session on the first of March to a number of experts in different settings:

  • Journalists
  • Publishers
  • Business Experts

After a short pitch and some additional questions, the experts gave feedback to the participants on how to improve their pitch. They also shared some insights into doing business at GDC.

The Gamebiz partners were listening in to these sessions, experiencing first-hand the necessity of practicing a pitch often and adapting your pitch to the goal you want to achieve. Even veterans in the industry gained some useful insights from the experts.

I'm part of the management of Dutch Game Garden, a hub for the games industry in the Netherlands. We accelerate the growth of the Dutch Games industry by providing wide-ranging support and facilities for students, start-ups and established game companies. I have been involved in game related projects for more than five years.

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