Making Entrepreneurship more approachable at Dania

Just because you are attending the same education it is not given that you will end up with the same skills or even end up working within the field of your education. At Dania Games our students have different goals and ambitions even though they have choosen an education that focuses on game development.

Some students want to become employees while others have higher ambitions and want to be entrepreneurs.

GameBiz has provided Dania Games with new insights into how Entreprenuership can be integrated into education program. Inspired by the other Partners in GameBiz program we have developed a set of tools to enabling us to identify students with the goals and ambitions to become entreprenuers.

Each semester every student has to have a pastoral support and guidance conversation with a study coordinator. At these meeting we try to identify what fields within game development that interest them,  their own perceived experience level and desires towards certain areas of expertise.

The method that we use to identify the above is derived from a diagram created by af JP van Seventer, Managing Director for Dutch Game Garden – called the CompanyDNA model.1

At each following meeting we ask the students to reevaluate their position in the model and reflect upon their personal and the educational goals. This done through conversation and comparison between the previous and new positions within the model.

It is important to know that we not comparing the student to each other since the model does not specify a measure of expertise enabling you to compare individuals. But it does provide the individual student with the means to visualise their own development.

New students are introduced to the model during their first week of study and are provided with prefilled version showing where the ideal graduate would be (based upon the learning goals of the education). This enables the students better to relate to the model.


Using the model has also provided us with new knowledge about tendencies within our students as a whole. For instance allowing us to create workshops that support the students goals or guide them to seek out new challenges.


Study Coordinator and Assistant Professor at the AP Graduate program within Computer Science at Dania Games. Teaching computer games programmering, artificial intelligence and game engine development.
Coordinator at Dania Games
Study-Coordinator and teacher at the Multimedia studies at Dania Games. Teaches communication and marketing.
Head of the Game Hub Denmark Incubator in Grenaa, Denmark + EU Project Manager at Dania Games

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