Project Results

The GameBiz project is a follow-up of two earlier EU projects focussed around Gamedesign education, project-based learning and business development. Most of the participants in the GameBiz project collaborated in the earlier projects. In the GameBiz project we builded upon the results and experiences from the previous project.

GameBiz Handbook:
A Space for Beautiful Mistakest
text only translation_NL
text only_translation_CAT
Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 13.19.07

GameBiz The Sherpa Card Game

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.26.43

SherpaCard_info_CAS – SherpaCard_info_ENG
Far West themed cardset
Sherpa themed cardset


GameBiz Incubation Model
Incubation Model Cards 

GameBiz Database
Core Data Form & Tracking Data
Please note: due to the sentiveness of the data collected, only the input forms are shared here.

GameBiz Events
Where organised at local venues in each participating country


GameWise Project Results
GameWise website
GameWize Magazine
Hexigo: boardgame
Contact one of the project partners if you want to obtain a physical copy of the game and/or the magazine!

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